Let's build a multiplayer game with Firebase and JavaScript

Posted 2022-03-21

Online multiplayer game

Here's a screencast on YouTube where we create a simple online multiplayer game from scratch with HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and Firebase.

Firebase is one of my go-to technologies for making anything involving real time data. We stick to vanilla JavaScript here, but you can take these concepts and apply them to whatever front end framework you like to use (React, Vue, Angular, etc).

We’ll also cover a few basic game features like top-down movement, sprites, basic collisions, and keeping track of individual player scores.

Hope you enjoy working with Firebase. If you have a cool multiplayer game in the works, be sure to tell us about it in our Discord community.

Extra Resources

Download the code (You’ll need to set up a Firebase app to use it. Please read the notes in the security-rules file!)

Firebase docs

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